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Един конкурс, в който реших да участвам, поради 100% записани на живо инструменти.Тракове:

– каса
– барабанче
– том 1
– том 2
– том 3
– овърхед ляв
– овърхед десен
– бас – директен сигнал
– акустична китара
– мандолина
– банджо
– глас на акустична китара
– глас на мандолина
– глас на банджо

И както виждате, най-чистия сигнал беше този на бас китарата. Всички останали тракове имаха „изтичане“ на сигнал от другите инструменти. Дори в пистата с барабанчето се чуваше глас, да не говорим за акустичната китара, която имаше не само глас, но и банджо и мандолина.

Но пък каква музика. Всичко е записано на живо с микрофони Телефункен, които са и спонсор на този конкурс. Живото свирене има особено звучене, настроение и начин на миксиране.

Няма да се спирам подробно на процеса, но накратко моите няколко насоки.

Разграничаване на акомпанимент от соло, обем, цвят и динамика.

Приятно слушане


Ето извадка от сайта на Indabamusic.com как е записана песента.

Creative Brief TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik and Indaba Music are looking for original mixes of the live-in-studio recording of “River’s Rising”. Popular Colorado band Leftover Salmon stopped in at the headquarters of TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik during their New England tour when the rains began to fall heavily in their home state. As the water levels rose and the flooding began, the band decided to record and videotape one of their hits, „River’s Rising“, in the TELEFUNKEN Recording Studios. “River’s Rising” was performed and recorded live in one take, with no overdubs or edit. The DD5 Dynamic Drum package was used to record the drums and features the M82 on kick drum, M81-SH on toms and the M80-SH on snare. Yet-to-be released prototypes of the M60 FET were used on overheads, mandolin and acoustic guitar. Banjo was tracked with the ELA M 260 small diaphragm tube mic while the bass was tracked direct through a DI. Both the C12 and ELA M 251E large diaphragm condensers as well as M80 dynamic mics were employed for live vocals. „We were barely a day in to a two-week Leftover Salmon tour in New England when the rain began to fall in Colorado,“ explained the band’s manager Tony Hume. „No one thought much about it when reports came in from our loved ones that the rain was heavy and consistent. Of course all that quickly turned into a disaster that changed everything for the band, our families, and the good folks of our beloved Colorado Front Range.“

 During the recording session, it was decided to release the track, with proceeds going to benefit those who suffered from the flooding. „We soon realized that one song would only be a drop in the bucket,“ Hume continued, „but an entire album’s worth of material could possibly reach the most people and have much more effect for those in need of help. I reached out to those bands with whom I have a special relationship and the response was immediately heart-warming and overwhelming. With the help of TELEFUNKEN and my good friend Annabel Lukins, we were able to compile this one of kind collection of tracks from our extended musical friends and family, a gift to the people in the most need in Colorado. We’re doing this for our state, for our people.“

To learn more about „Rivers Rising: Front Range Flood Relief 2013“ visit: http://frontrangefloodrelief.org http://www.unitedwayfoothills.org All tracks from Leftover Salmom’s live-in-the-studio performance of “River’s Rising” are presented in .WAV format and were recorded at 24bit / 44.1KHz sample rate. What You Need to Know to Enter Do not include any material that you do not have the legal right to exploit, you are only allowed to use the files provided Rearranging or re-sequencing parts of the song is not allowed. Re-recording, sound replacing, or adding tracks is not allowed. More votes will not make your submission more likely to win the Grand Prize.

Снимката е от http://showbams.com/2013/02/26/leftover-salmon-jamgrass-footstomp-their-way-through-hollywood/

От: (Mister J)

Leftover Salmon – River’s Rising mix

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